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"White Foam is is eco-friendly, high-tech product. "

Catalytic agent for expansion of the White Foam is water based rather than chemical based. As such, it is free of toxicity and does not produce noxious gas in the event of fire (passed the test by the National Disaster Prevention Research Institute), and is environment-friendly and hygienic material that is not harmful to human body. It is a highly advanced product with good air tightness and based on Building Science that completely intercepts wind infiltrating through gaps.

Filling in of internal aspects of
residences and pension
Internal aspects of external walls of
the building that requires air tightness

Since it is filled by expanding 100 folds, it has excellent thermal insulation effect and sound absorption effect, and can perform precision thermal insulation processing for the section (gaps, pipelines, perforations, and between the columns, etc) that cannot be supplemented with the existing thermal insulation material. It is an innovative product with instantaneous curing (within 5 seconds) and plays an enormously significant role in shortening construction period. It is free of odor, and is not noxious or toxic, thereby enabling installation to be expedient and convenient, by eliminating concerns of the installation technicians on health, hygiene and safety issues. This product is sturdy against moisture and temperature, and can be installed throughout all seasons regardless of whether it is rainy or winter season.

It is a highly advance technological product quite different from the existing thermal insulation materials. It has Air Control function, which enables it to be referred to as breathable thermal insulation material. It is also a product that is the standard for Healthy Home, Clean Office and Quiet Space by preventing indoor proliferation of mold or germs. Unless physical force is applied, there is not exfoliation phenomenon in the product, which has good adhesiveness on all materials. In addition, it can be easily removed and modified when there is need to make changes after it has been installed, and finishing works on the material is also very easy.